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Customer loyalty comes in all sorts of ways – from word-of-mouth recommendations to returning to your store time and again. Offering incentives is a smart strategy for engaging your customer-base and boosting sales.

In this blog, we explore how incentives can benefit your store and the types of incentives that can work in your favour.

Benefits of Purchase Incentives

Purchase incentives can persuade reluctant customers to choose your store over other competitors. You can earn and maintain customer loyalty if you surpass their expectations and give them an offer they can’t refuse.

According to Wirecard’s study, 75% of customers shared that they’re more likely to make another purchase with a store after receiving an incentive. Having consistent and enticing incentives or being part of a loyalty program, can bolster repeat business. Rewards for your customers often equals rewards for your business.

Including incentives can prompt customers to engage with your store in different ways. If consumers notice multiple offers in your store, they might sign up to your e-newsletter, or follow your social media accounts.

What Incentives Are Right For Your Store?

Shipping Perks

Free shipping is everywhere in the eCommerce space. Usually, it’s locked behind a certain spending amount, thus encouraging consumers to buy more than they wanted under the guise of saving money.

If you want to take shipping perks to the next level, then offer express shipping. You can start with a small amount for free regular shipping, then increase the express shipping costs as a way to entice buyers into purchasing more. You can also add a payable express shipping add-on at checkout for consumers to consider. Be sure to work with eCommerce couriers to determine the best shipping prices for your store.

Get All The Gifts

Getting a free gift for spending a certain amount can make customers feel valued and respected – they’re getting a bonus for spending money in your store, after all. You can also throw some samples into the packaging to give them a pleasant surprise.

Another incentive to consider is customisation. When a customer can customise a product, it gives them a chance to make it feel unique and special to them. Plus, it makes them feel part of the overall design process for a one-of-a-kind product.

Save Money, Money, Money

Everyone loves to save money when they’re perusing online stores. From giving discounts if they spend a certain amount, to providing a digital coupon for their next order, giving customers the opportunity to save money can increase your sales.

In a similar vein, free trials give your customers the opportunity to try before they buy. This gives them a taste of what you have to offer before they purchase it.

Join the Club

Memberships and loyalty programs are the go-to when it comes to customer incentives. Rewarding your customers whenever they shop will help them to shop up a storm. But be clear about the rules of your loyalty program – what is the point-to-dollar conversion, or how can they spend their points?

You should allow customers to save their information in your store’s database. Putting this control in the customer’s hands can strengthen their trust in you and your business. It can also streamline the checkout process, as information like preferred payment and shipping address are pre-generated for them.

Reward Your Customers, Reward Your Business

A good incentive can encourage customers to buy from your store. It also gives them a valid reason to recommend your store to others because of the unbeatable add-ons.

Having a range of incentives will make your eCommerce business stand out from the crowd, rewarding your customers and your business for years to come. For all your eCommerce shipping needs, get in touch with CouriersX today.

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